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First batch of awarded works of Discover the Beauty of Yunnan photo contest came out

By : InKunming | Published: 2018-April-9

[InKunming--Yunnan] Since the Discover the Beauty of Yunnan online photography contest (here is the related information linkage:https://www.clzg.cn/solicitation.html?id=65) begins, the organizing committee received numerous photos from participants. For instance, pictures showing gorgeous landscape of Erhai in Dali, pictures about sunset over Dianchi Lake, pictures presenting the sea of cole flowers, photos of old streets of Kunming and the like.

After a month-long selection, the first batch of works came to the public today. Congratulations to those winners. Of course, there are tons of wonderful works waiting for selection. Namely, there will be more and more amazing works to meet people in the near future.

To be honest, there is one thing in common for those awarded works. All the works mainly focus on presenting the unique beauty of Yunnan from different aspects. Sometimes it shows local characteristics of ethnic minorities. Anyway, the organizing committee hopes to see more works from different places in Yunnan.

Most importantly, the winners of the first batch of awarded works are supposed to come to Kunming Information Hub to receive their bonus. Meanwhile, the organizing committee could directly hand out the corresponding bonus to winners through Alipay, WeChat payment. Those who choose the latter one need to send original works to the e-mail address 845802121@qq.com in case deceivers appear.

Address: 905 room, 9th floor, Yuntongkangboer Building.

Telephone number:0871—60364045

Here comes the awarded works that are listed in no particular order,and all the names of photographers are translated literally.

Love Louping’s flowers, but love the roads more

Photographer: Ruifeng

The linkage of works: https://m.clzg.cn/article?id=6548

Traditional Peking Opera Gaochong

Photographer: niuwa

The linkage of works: https://m.clzg.cn/article?id=7186

The green color of Spring

Photographer: Sheyunsheyue

The linkage of works: https://m.clzg.cn/article?id=7065

The gorgeous scenery of Fumin

Photographer: Liyanglieren

The linkage of works: https://m.clzg.cn/article?id=7063

Jinsha River Grand Canyon


The linkage of works: https://m.clzg.cn/article?id=6900

Pear flowers in the whole mountain in Jiajizhai Village

Photographer: Yunnan Bigmaoniu

The linkage of works: https://m.clzg.cn/article?id=7260

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(Editors:Rachel, Cathy Chen)

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