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American guy Nate lauds Kunming as a living paradise

By : InKunming | Published: 2018-February-22

Living like locals and making friends with different people

Perhaps the cool summer left Nate a great impression of Kunming, or that fried bee pupa opened the door of food world, Nate came to the city again and settled down in August 2017.

Wearing his brown curly hair, Nate rides a bike every morning and goes through Renmin Road to take Chinese classes. In order to speak Chinese fluently and to lay a foundation for minority language learning journey, he not only takes class at school, but also brushes up on Chinese with the help of a tutor at home.

Nate and his friends were climbing West Mountain.

After the class, Nate enjoys riding a bicycle across streets and alleys with his girlfriend. They find that people who live here tend to feel somewhat happier than those living in faster growing large-metropolitan areas. They encounter different lifestyle here, for example, some old people like sitting around the stone table and playing card or Chinese chess. A person cranks an old black popcorn stove and makes a “bang” sometime on the street. Just like locals do, Nate and girlfriend often go to a hot pot restaurant in dinner time, and eat a palatable mutton meal with mint and coriander.

“My girlfriend is American too. We met in our Chinese class. Coincidentally, we live in the same residential community.” On weekends, they usually go to Haigeng dam and feed seagulls, and climb to the top of West Mountain to see still Dianchi lake.

The best way to learn a foreign language is living in there and speaking with local people. Nate likes to talk with people he met, no matter he knows the person or not. When he goes to the market, he would say hello to Huajie who runs a egg stall. When he passes by the honey shop, he would go inside and chat with the owner, Mr. Yang. “If they spoke in dialect, then I can’t understand the meaning. I just know one sentence, ‘where are you going’,” Nate laughed, and mimicked Kunming dialect with his American accents.

Nate invited friends to celebrated the last Christmas.

The communication with neighbors urges a closer relationship between Nate and them. In the last Christmas, Nate invited Huajie and Mr. Yang to visit his home on Christmas Eve. Huajie brought a bunch of flowers, and Mr. Yang brought honey and Pu’er tea. It’s a little bit pity that Mr. Yang left early and he didn’t get Christmas gift from Nate.

This dinner let them become good friends, and made Nate felt relatives-like care in this foreign country. Nate went to market later, and sent gifts to his friends. Mr. Yang insisted on giving a jar of honey to Nate, and Huajie didn’t accept the egg money from Nate any more.

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