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Over 800 participants attended 2017 China (Kunming) Rowing Tournament

By : InKunming | Published: 2017-November-28


2017 China (Kunming) Rowing Tournament officially kicked off at Dianchi Lake Caohai Dam on November 25th, attracting over 800 participants of 47 groups home and abroad. Comparing with the event in 2016, it is added core sectors this year, such as fitness with sports, business communication and environmental protection.

The competition consists of rowing race and rowing machine exhibition match on land. Sculling events include the single sculls, double sculls and quadruple sculls. All the participants are registered with professional athletes and amateur high level rowers from China Rowing Association. They are from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China and many other countries and regions.

"Whether natural factors or cultural environment, Kunming is more suitable than other cities for organizing rowing race." Wang Shi said, the chairman of Asian Rowing Federation. " First of all, Dianchi Laike owns broad environmental waters, which is known as the pearl of the plateau. What’s more, the climate in winter in Kunming makes people comfortable. They get along well with the black headed gulls from Siberia, showing Kunming’s merits to world. Besides, Kunming is located at a high altitude area, which is a good place for players doing aerobic training."

"In fact, hosting these international events somehow proved that people acknowledge the achievements of governance in Dianchi Lake. It is a chance to introduce Kunming to more people by holding the rowing race." according to Dai Bin, the director Bureau of Cultural Broadcasting and Television Sports.

In addition, rowing machine exhibition match attracted citizens’ wide interest. It was said that the match effectively shortened the distance between participants and citizens, expanding the influence of rowing race and promoting the development of green economy in Kunming.

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