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National exhibition of lotus flowers to kick off on June 26th

By : InKunming | Published: 2017-June-21

Lotus flowers blossom in Daguan Park.

[InKunming--Kunming]  The 31st National Exhibition of Lotus Flowers will kick off in Daguan Park in Kunming on June 26th. The exhibition will last to the end of August. Besides blossoming lotus flowers, a series of activities will also be held during the exhibition.

Hundreds of varieties of lotus make debut in Spring City

So far, national exhibition of Lotus flowers the biggest in size and most influential activities among all the cultural exchange activities about lotus flowers. Gorgeous lotus flowers in the past has been record in the the long Chinese antithetical couplets about Daguanlou Storied Building. Moreover, Daguan Park has held 12 successful activities about admiring the beauty of lotus flowers. It is a good choice to see lotus flowers in Daguan Park.

Under multiple themes, this national exhibition of lotus flowers could be regard as an upgraded lotus flowers festival.

More than 500 varieties, 10,000 pots of potted lotus flowers and 200 acres of aquatic lotus will appear in the exhibition. They are their first time to meet people in Kunming.

In addition, 71 units from 28 provinces and and 12 countries and regions will attend the activity which designs 40 cultural exhibition areas.

Interesting activities to be held during the exhibition

At the same time, a series of wonderful activities will be held then, including a photography exhibition, an intangible cultural heritage exhibition and cheongsam show the like. The working staff will select 100 great works among 200 works around the world.

"Night view" since last year since the opening, has become a new experience for the people of Kunming night leisure, but the 31st lotus exhibition Grand View Park site transformation, "night view" since April to suspend open. In the opening of the lotus exhibition, "night view" after upgrading to upgrade, will also be re-meet with tourists.

On the other hand, if you go to Daguan Park at night, you would see a bubble of magical rising in the park with the help of light and shadow technology. The “Night Scene”has been suspended from April. But it will be reopened ahead of the national exhibition of lotus flowers.

In a nutshell, walking aside the blossoming lotus flowers in the hot summer, people will catch the feeling of tender breezes.

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