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Map of seasonal fruits in Kunming

By : InKunming | Published: 2017-May-12
[InKunming--Kunming]  Sorts of seasonal fruits begin to show up in the market with the calendar having turned its pages to May. Here comes a map to help you find those fresh seasonal fruits.

Mulberries at Yangcaotang plantation in Wuhua District

Bunches of mulberries enchant with bright sunshine in Yangcaotang plantation located in Xizhu Street, Wuhua District. 150 acres of land are decorated with vast mulberries of glittering colors of red, dark purple and black.

People only need to pay 15 rmb for each person for entering the plantation. The price for taking mulberries home is 20 rmb per kilometer. What’s more, there is blueberry there. Those who want to pick some blueberries can ask for working staff. 

Route: Kunsha Road--Jiaozi Snowmountain route--the destination

Peach at Songming County

A large peach plantation locates at the area between Kunqu (Kunming--Qujing) Expressway toll station and Songming toll station. It is an amazing thing to drive there and eat some fresh nectarines with closed friends.

It is said that this peach plantation it the biggest one in Yunnan from the aspect of scale. Most importantly, the price for each kilometer nectarines is 10 rmb for the most. Apart from nectarines, people can enjoy several delicious food there.

Route: Xiaolong Expressway--Songmingwest toll station--Lanmao Road

Red bayberry at Fumin County

Although cherries have already back off the stage in Fumin county, sweet peach and fresh apricot climb to the top of trees these days.

Red bayberries are about to ripe next week. Those who want pick fresh fruits could go to every town of Fumin County. The price of each kilometer red-bayberry is 25 rmb.

Route: Kunwu Expressway--Fumin County--Kunlu Highway--Luotu Street--Villa Des Flores

Blueberry at Anning County

There are about 500 acres of blueberries in Anning County. It is said that the early days of June are the best time to pick blueberries. People can eat fresh blueberries until September.

Route: Kunan Expressway--Caopu area--Xianjie Street

Blueberry and nectarine at Stone Forest Scenic 

Blueberry Manor ushers its busy time in a year because sorts of seasonal fruits are gradually ripe. At present, the manor can accept at most 1000 people everyday. People can find what they like, such as mulberry, nectarine and blueberry.

The price for entering manor and picking fruits at Stone Forest Scenic is much more expensive than any other places. It requests each person to pay 68 rmb. If you want to take away fruits, you are supposed to pay 120 rmb every kilometer.

Route: Kunming--Kunshi Expressway--Stone Forest

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