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Four recommended spots around Kunming to go for May Day holiday

By : InKunming | Published: 2017-April-28

[InKunming--Kunming]  May Day holiday is around the corner. If you did not have plan about traveling far from home, you could enjoy an awesome holiday around Kunming as well. Citizens can go to Jinning, Fumin and Yangzonghai to pick fresh cherries. Four dolphins will show great performances in Shilin County, while thousands of beautiful lupiuns are dancing with the wind in Songming.

Admire beautiful flowers in Songming County

An exhibition of lupiuns will be held during May Day holiday, including an indoor exhibition area, Colorful Flower Field and Flowers Blossoming Garden.

It is said that Colorful Flower Field takes up 10 acres land. Cherry tree and lupiuns make it like a 3D version landscape. Visitor can wander around to admire the beauty of flowers.

Flowers Blossoming Garden is about to present sorts of flowers all year round. More than 120 seasonal varieties of plants will show up in the garden. Namely, it is a chance to accumulate certain knowledge about plants.

Appreciate Sand Sculpture Culture and Arts Festival in Jinning County

Jinning District also launched several theme activities. "2017 Yunnan Jinning Sand Sculpture Culture and Arts Festival" and "Dianchi South Bank Music Carnival Festival" were held at Jinning Dianchi South Bank Park. Until July 20th people can participate in those activities.

Famous sand sculpture masters from home and abroad will create various lifelike sculptures under the help of skillful hands and great thinking. Many interesting games were organized in the Music Carnival Festival.

Self driving route: people can drive from east ring road to the south and then drive to the beach park.

Participate challenging car race in Dongchuan

2017 China Dongchuan International Car Racing is ongoing during May Day holiday. About 80 cars driving by 160 people will duel with each other. Those who love car racing could go and see it before May 2nd. Moreover, a series of competitions will be held then, such as motor racing, hiking, Free fighting and football match. Meanwhile, people can listen to graceful music and tasting delicious food after watch the breath-taking races.

Self driving route: people can drive off the Kunqu expressway (Kunming-Qujing) at Longtan toll and then drive to Dongchuan.

Have fun in Ice and Snow World, Shilin County

Two dolphins joined Ice and Snow World Dolphin club in Shilin County. People can see animal performances from the cute 4 dolphins during May Day holiday.

It is worthwhile to notice that labor models above the county level could enter the Ice and Snow World without paying a penny only it they can provide relevant certificates issued by the government.

Visitors can go the blueberry manor where pick up cherries some blueberries. But each person who want to pick blueberry should pay 68 rmb, 38 rmb for cherry and 15 rmb for strawberry. Of course, people can just pay 88 rmb to pick three fruits.

Besides, lots of cheap and fresh cherries are produced in Jinning, Fumin and Yangzonghai. People can just pay 10 rmb to pick cherries in Chijiu Town, Fumin County. But the price for each person in Jinning is 20 rmb and 20 or 30 rmb for each person.

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