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New book published, sorting Yunnan copper culture for the first time

By : InKunming | Published: 2016-November-17

[InKunming--Yunnan] World of Yunnan copper, a book that sorts and collects culture and history of Yunnan copper for the first time, was published by the Yunnan Publishing Group recently.

The book has ten chapters. Chapters 1 to 5 were written by Hong Tianfu, a famous monetary history expert in Yunnan. Chapters 6 to 10 were written by Chen Bo, who has made profound research to Yunnan copper for decades.

Through the ten chapters, the world of Yunnan copper was fully outlined, including the history of Yunnan copper, development of copper policy, transportation of Yunnan copper, preservation of copper products, etc.

According to the book, Yunnan copper had made great contribution to the country, both in economic aspect and social aspect. At that time, the road for transporting Yunnan copper was as famous as the Ancient Tea & Horse Road.

However, Yunnan copper gradually faded out public’s sight as time passed by. Its glorious history and profound history were forgotten by the public as well. Only few scattered information can be found in historical records now.

Feeling pity and deplored, Chen Bo and Hong Tianfu germinated the idea of writing a book, to show the splendid culture of Yunnan copper and to provide an all-sided collection about Yunnan copper history for the world.

In order to make sure that all the information are accurate and detailed, Chen Bo and Hong Tianfu visited all the copper relics around Yunnan, looked trough as many data as possible, consulted experts in every related fields.

After one-year-long preparation, they started writing in 2014, and finished their first draft in 2015. Then they proofread and amended for one more year, and finally made it published to the public in 2016.

“The book is rich in content and vivid in language. It will surely bring help to other researchers and people who are interested in Yunnan copper.” Zhang Yongkang, member of National Cultural Relic Identification Committee, as well as staff of Yunnan Research Institute of Culture and History, spoke highly of the book.

The book is going to be sold in Xinhua Bookstore around the province and Zhiyuan Bookstore in Kunming soon. Price for one book is 60 yuan. Interested readers can also dial 0871-63198266 or 63198267 for more detailed information about the book.

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