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More birds found in Beijing wetland reserve

By : Xinhua | Published: 2016-November-7

[InKunming--China] Seven breeds of birds have been added to species list for Beijing's Yeya (Wild duck) Lake Wetland Reserve.

According to a report published by the reserve on Saturday, 302 kinds species have been recorded in the wetland, the largest such reserve in the capital, seven of which were newly in 2016.

Among the newly found birds is the first grade nationally-protected Pallas's fish eagle. Also new to the list are the speckled reed warbler, black-winged Kite, pheasant-tailed jacana, long-tailed shrike, long-tailed minivet, and a species of nightjar.

Yeya Lake Reserve became Beijing's first wetland conservation area in 1997. It functions as an ecological defense to Beijing, protecting the city's water source and providing a habitat for wild animals.

Initially, over 150 kinds of birds were recorded in the reserve.

According to Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry, the wetland has been growing as a result of work by the reserve and the rising environmental awareness of Beijing residents.

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