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Elephant Parade conservation exhibition coming to Yunnan

By : Xinhua | Published: 2016-February-18

[InKunming--Yunnan]  A touring exhibition dedicated to saving the Asian elephant is coming to southwest China's Yunnan Province, a major home for the endangered pachyderms.

First held in the Netherlands in 2007, Elephant Parade events have since brought hundreds of painted elephant sculptures to London, Milan, Copenhagen and Hong Kong, among other places.

The parade will be held in the Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, according to an agreement signed between Elephant Parade International and Yunnan Gold Peacock Tour Group on Tuesday.

The parade is likely to be held by the end of this year after a 10-month preparation, according to Li Mei, chairman of the Yunnan Gold Peacock Tour Group.

Twenty percent of Elephant Parade profits from the sales of sculptures and souvenirs are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects worldwide. The organizers hope this latest event will both raise awareness of elephant protection in China and whip up international promotion of the country's efforts to protect wild elephants.

In the past week, a wild elephant in Xishuangbanna crushed or damaged almost 30 cars in three strolls along a major highway.

Wild Asian elephants are a level one nationally protected species in China, with less than 300 in the country.

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