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Kunming Haigeng Park opens to public for free

By : InKunming | Published: 2015-February-11

Haigeng Park is a popular place among visitors to feed black-headed gulls in Kunming. [Provided to InKunming]

The slow-traffic system has come into service in the park. [Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Kunming]  Haigeng Park is officially opened to the public for free starting from February 10. Its opening-up marks the end of its 35-year-long history of charging entrance fee.

Haigeng Park was built in the 1960s. As the nearest park to Dianchi Lake in urban Kunming, Haigeng Park has been a core place for inheriting Dianchi traditional culture. The park reserves many sweet memories of Kunming residents.

In the early stage, the park charged 2 yuan per person for entrance. Ticket price of the park went up to 8 yuan per person in 1990s and rose to 10 yuan per person after 2010.

The park began to be under upgrading reconstruction in 2013. Up to now, reconstruction of the park was finished. Rehabilitation of several roads and greening renewal of the park were also finished. The park calls on visitors to cherish communal establishment and protect public environment after its free opening.

Something should be noticed is that the park is open freely from 8:00 in the morning to 20:00 at night. Children, the disabled and the mentally disturbed people should enter the park in company of adults.

At present, the park has 6 convenience stores. Barbecue area and amusement area of the park are still reserved but are moved away from the shore of Dianchi Lake. Visitors could ride yachts in the wharf of the park. Besides, the park added several temporary toilets in order to provide convenience for visitors, which reaches 8 in total.

Considering number of visitors may soar after opening freely, the park forbids motor vehicles and electric bicycles from entering. Besides, pets are not allowed to enter the slow-traffic system. Meanwhile, private commercial activities, like setting off fireworks, holding large-scale parties, etc. are also forbidden in the park.

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