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Cangshan Mountain crowned as World Geopark recently

By : InKunming | Published: 2014-September-24

Beauties of Cangshan Mountain not only lie in natural landscapes, but also in its profound historical culture. The mountain attracts a large number of tourists to visit every year. [Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Yunnan]  In the morning of September 23(Beijing Time), the sixth session of the world geological park assembly, which was organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, was held in St.Johns city, Canada.

In the assembly, Cangshan Mountain, a mountain located in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, was crowned as "World Geological Park" after strict verification by experts from the United Nations. The international title awarded for the park had been applied by a professional team of Yunnan to the United Nations for around 10 years.

Liang Yongning, principal of the professional team which took charge of collecting and sorting out paper materials of the Cangshan Mountain and delivered the files to the United Nations, gave some comments on reasons why the mountain was acquired the title finally.

"Cangshan Mountain has three advantages to win the title. First, the mountain has geological advantage. It seemed like a sealed book of natural geology that has been written for over 2 billion years by nature. "

"Second, scenic spots around and in the mountain have high values for sightseeing. Landscapes such as glacial cirque, ice caves, glacial horns, knife-edge crests within the mountain are all valuable for natural science research. "

"Third, biological diversities in the mountain are very abundant. Over 10 species of endangered plants such as yellow azalea, gochnatia decora, wake robin etc are grown there. More than 170 kinds of birds and 16 kinds of national protected animals also live in the mountain. Ecological environment in the mountain is in good condition." Liang Yongning said.

Last year, about 500 thousand people toured to Cangshan Mountain. This year from July, ticket price for entering the mountain has been raised to 40 yuan per person.

Historical and cultural scenic spots like Three Pagodas of Chongcheng Temple, Fotu Tower, Wuwei Temple, Gantong Temple, and Jiulongnv Pool which are near Cangshan Mountain are also worth seeing.

After Cangshan Mountain got the title of “World Geological Park”, Yunnan becomes the province in China which owns two world geological parks. Another park with the title of “World Geological Park” in Yunnan is Stone Forest.

After Cangshou Mountain getting the international title, the number of world geological parks in China added up to 30. These world geological parks separately scatter in various provinces, or regions in China.

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