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Kunming lives up to rank of National Garden City

By : InKunming | Published: 2014-August-27

[InKunming--Kunming] Kunming has been evaluated as a National Garden City for its outstanding urban gardening and greening in 2010. With 4 years passing by, Kunming has hammered on keeping achievement and pursuing greater progress on urban greening. On August 25, a provincial panel reexamined and evaluated Kunming's urban greening work as a National Garden City.

Data showed that the total green land area of urban Kunming has achieved 14,351.72 hectares until the end of 2013. Among them, park green area, productive plantation area, green buffer area, attached green area and other green areas respectively accounted for 3,520 hectares, 950.24 hectares, 1,737.42 hectares, 4,851.7 hectares and 3,292.36 hectares. The greening rate reached 36.13% and green coverage ratio attained 39.27%. The average possession of park green areas of Kunming residents was 9.63 square meters.

Meanwhile, 8 districts and counties of Kunming have altogether 433 park green lands, 1 national scenic spot and 3 newly-named multiple scenic spots. Among them, urban Kunming has 33 comprehensive parks, including old parks such as Green Lake Park, Kunming Zoo, and those newly-built parks such as Lianhuachi Park, Milesi Park, Baita Park, Gulou Park, etc.

Starting from the year of 2009, Kunming has finished 2 rounds of park construction, adding 676 hectares' green lands. Up to now, the 3rd round of park construction has started site selection and park design.

Beside greening work, the city has also made great efforts to infrastructure construction and management, as well as to build and remold security housings since 2010. From 2010 to 2013, Yunnan provincial government assigned more than 250 thousand sets of housings to Kunming. With projects still in construction, around 55,806 families have lived in their security housings up to now.

At present, altogether 241 villages inside city have launched reconstruction project, with 5 primary schools and 7 kindergartens having been built. Infrastructure that has been built up also includes 12,066 square meters' community housings, 1,433 square meters' waste transfer stations, 1,449 square meters' public lavatories, 41,750 square meters' medical and health facilities space, 35,536 square meters' fresh food supermarkets. Among them, around 250 thousand square meters' green lands were newly increased.

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