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Lightspots on Double Seventh Festival in parks of Kunming

By : InKunming | Published: 2014-August-1

Tourists enjoy the beauty of lotus flowers in Daguan Park.

[InKunming--Kunming]   This Saturday coincides with the Double Seven Day, which is the most romantic festival in China. It is also regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s day. To celebrate this traditional festival, many fascinating activities will be held in parks in Kunming city.

Tanhua Temple(昙华寺)

More than 200 flowers such as lavender, malus spectabilis and angelonia gardneri have arranged in the park. Meanwhile, China’s 12 zodiacs will be painted in the form of colored drawing and hide in the trees. Tourist can collect them to exchange souvenir when leaving.

Jiaoye Park(郊野公园)

The forest-road in park is open for citizens in the Double Seven Day. This road is mainly designed for racing bicycles. Couples could celebrate this festival by cycling.

It is said that it is the first professional comprehensive competitive bicycle track in Kunming.

Yunnan National Village(云南民族村)

Dancing performance Colorful Cloud will be held in different ethnic stockaded villages in Yunnan National Village. Ethnic groups such as Yi, Jingpo and Bai people will present unique performances for audience.

Jindian Park(金殿)

Summer camellia show will be held in the park. Rare camellia changii(杜鹃红山茶) is ushering the best flower season recently. Talking a walk along your lover will surely make you enjoy different beauties in summer.

Cuihu Lake(翠湖公园)

The beauty of moonlight over the lotus pond will be presented in the Cuihu Lake. In addition, tourists who visit Cuihu Park could get a rose for the Valentine s’ Day by then.

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