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Heavy rain not dampen Yunnan's enthusiasm to Torch Festival

By : InKunming | Published: 2014-July-25

[InKunming--Yunnan] Affected by the super typhoon Rammasun, heavy rainfall has been swept over Yunnan Province for many days. However, flurry didn’t stop Yunnan people to celebrate the Torch Festival, which had been held from July 19 to July 20 Yunnan, such as Shilin County, Luquan County, Yuxi City, Chuxiong City, etc. During the festival, various activities such as bullfight, traditional singing and dancing, folk culture show had been presented for audience.

Shilin County

Torch Festival was held in the National Square of the county at about 1:30 pm, while the opening ceremony was put off because of the rainy day.

Torch Festival is one of the most grand traditional festivals for Yi nationality, and is usually be celebrated on June 24 in lunar calendar and lasts for three days. It has been inherited for over 2000 years. For Yi people, Torch festival means praying for good harvest, animals' prosperity, good crop weather and family health.

During the festival, traditional Yi people's ethnic events including wrestling, bullfighting, the Big Three, and folk song singing were held. Tourists also lighted up Kongming Lamps, learned Yi lace embroidery, and watched open-air movies there. Painting and calligraphy art exhibition, stone exhibition and antique art exhibition were also opened to public.

Luquan County

At the night of July 19, Luquan County held the opening ceremony for 2014 Torch Festival.

From July 18 to July 22, the soup pot feast was held constantly 5 days in the county.

During the festival, series of activities and intangible cultural heritages show such as national embroidery, ethnic folk song and dance music performance, and the paper-cut artist, were presented to the public which highlighted the festival.

Tangdian District and Jiaozi Snow Mountain District

As the Torch Festival kicked off, a worship ceremony of Yi people was held in Zhuanlong Acient Town.

The ritual activities include threes parts which are namely the ancestor worship, fire worship and theme party.

Bimo culture (毕摩祈福) from different area like Honghe, Wenshan, Dali was also showed to audiences later on.

The theme party was held in the evening, with many famous singers participating in.

E'shan County

Thousands of people gathered together to celebrate the Torch Festival by singing and dancing.

The Torch Festival in next year is to be expected.

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