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First bicycle service station opened in Kunming

By : InKunming | Published: 2014-July-10


Dashao bicycle service station [Photo/Lei Qing]

[InKunming--Kunming]  Dashao bicycle service station, the first station in Kunming which serves for preserving, maintaining, cleaning bicycles and providing travel consultation to cyclists, has been set up lately, an official of Panlong district said.

The station is located 40 kilometers away from the start of No. 213 national highway(213国道). Any cyclist may pass by the station when heading over Longquan and Shuanglong via No. 213 national highway or Xiaoshuang road(小双公路). Dashao, the highest location within the whole bicycle cycling route, is the best place for cyclists to take rests and have replenishments.

"We hope to attract more cyclists to cycle and travel to Dashao, promoting tourism development, cultural and economic development in the district." A pricipal of Panlong district said, "Henceforth, we will establish a green, ecological, and healthy bicycle cycling leisure base in Dashao."

In other words, Dashao bicycle service station is just a beginning for building the bicycle cycling leisure base. Kunming's cyclists may find more funs in the to-be-built base in near future.  

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