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Fumin warmly invited travelers to pick cherry berries

By : InKunming | Published: 2014-April-2

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[InKunming--Travel Tips]  Fumin county, which is 37 kilometers northwest from Kunming, has greeted its harvest season for cherry berries recently. Therefore, Fumin government, with Kunming Information Hub together, will organize an activity for travelers to pick mature cherry berries on April 19 and 20 to there.

Intended residents can dial 13888830767 to consult more information and take part in the activity.

Sponsors will organize travelers to pick cherry berries in Chujiu Town(赤鹫镇). Chujiu Town, which is 19 kilometers away from Fumin County, is renowned as an ecological town famous for its fruits and vegetables. The town has grown cherries of over 4,000 mu on its land. The cherry planting area in the town is crowned to be the biggest area that wholly grew cherry plants in Fumin and Kunming.

Except for arranging travelers to pick cherry berries, other interesting events are also packaged in the sightseeing tour activity.

According to the activity plan, tourists will also tour in Xiaoshuijing(小水井) Miao People Featured Village, and listen to fair-sounding songs sung by Xiaoshuijing choir.

Meanwhile, sponsors will organize intended tourists to visit Wanfo Temple(万佛寺) in Fumin, and drink gold bamboo tea in the temple.

Mouthwatering foods, such as meat of free-range chicken, home-made bacons by local villagers, fresh and unpolluted vegetables will also be served during the activity.

Travel Time

April 19 and 20, 2014

Activity Charges

220 yuan/adult person and 50 yuan/child(including various fees for meals, hotels, insurance, etc.)

Activity Schedule

April 19

8:00: self drive from Kunming to Fumin

9:30-11:00: visit Xiaoshuijing village, and listen to songs sung by local villagers

11:30: have lunch with Fumin-flavored foods in the way of buffets in a local restaurant

13:30-15:00: noon break time

15:00-18:30: visit Wanfo Temple, drink gold bamboo tea, and have vegetarian diets in the temple

18:30-20:00: tourist’ break time in hotels

20:00-22:00: organize an evening party for all travelers.

April 20

7:00: get up and have breakfasts

8:00: drive to Chujiu town and pluck cherry berries in the town

12:00: have lunch meals with all travelers and then self drive back to Kunming

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