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North Korean Arts Exhibition embellishes Asia Arts Festival

By : InKunming | Published: 2013-November-19
Luolihui(罗黎辉), the Vice Chairman of Yunnan Committee of CPPCC, takes a photo with North Korean artists in the North Korean Arts Exhibition. (Photo/ Tracy)
Photo shows a North Korean oil painting on display. (Photo/ Zhao Wei)

The North Korea Arts Exhibition was opened in the Yunnan Provincial Museum on November 18 in Kunming. The exhibition is one of the activities of the ongoing 13th Asia Arts Festival in Kunming. The exhibition will continue until November 27.

Over one hundred of North Korean paintings, which are rich in life flavor and local characteristics, enable local residents to admire the very dissimilar local conditions and social customs of North Korea.

The 150 oil paintings on the show, which stand for the highest highest art level of North Korean, are mainly created by many household artists there. These painting not only can introduce the present artistic achievement of North Korean to Asian people, but also can greatly enhance the communication between Asian artists. These painting will be auctioned later on.

Lichunzhi, a famous North Korean artist said that, he believes that this Asia Arts Festival will be a great opportunity to boost the communication between Asian countries, and this North Korean Arts Exhibition will inject new vitality to the friendship between North Korean and China.

Spectators speak highly the paintings. An art enthusiast on site said, these paintings all have a strong flavor of life. These works show profound artistic aptitudes and skills of North Korean artists.

A giant painting named An Ode to the East Sea(Donghaisong) captures many visitors' attention. According to introduction, the six-meter-long painting was finished merely in one week.

Local residents are free to visit the exhibition from November 18 to 27, except for November 25(Monday), when the museum will be routinely closed for one day.

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