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"One World" exhibition unveiled in Kunming

By : InKunming | Published: 2013-November-19
Photo shows the splendid paper art of Turkey. (Photo/ Zhao Wei)

"One World" - An Exhibition of Collections of Foreign Embassies in China was unveiled in the second floor of Yunnan Provincial Museum yesterday(November 18) in Kunming.

Spectators can enjoy various flavors of art in the exhibition. More than 250 exquisite artistic collections from 27 foreign embassies in China were displayed in the exhibition, covering painting, sculpture, photography and folk art.

"One World One Home" is a brand exhibition established by the China's Ministry of Culture in 2001. It has supposed by many foreign embassies in China. Up to now, the exhibition has displayed over 2,000 art works in multiple cities in the country.

According to Dong Wei, the vice-minister of China's Culture Ministry, the "One World" exhibition provides a platform for foreign embassies to show their countries' outstanding cultural and artistic achievement. It also offers local residents the opportunity to admire various exotic cultures and arts.

Dong hopes that counties can enhance mutual understandings and genuinely achieve "one world one home" through the exhibition.

The exhibition will last until November 27, during when(expect November 25), residents are available to enjoy the art feast in the second floor of Yunnan Provincial Museum for free.

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