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Ethnic dance show embraces Asia Arts Festival

By : InKunming | Published: 2013-November-17

The pastry made of Taliu people are well-known. (Photo/ Lynn)

People dance to embrace the 13th Asia Arts festival which will be held in Kunming on November 18. (Photo/Lynn)

An ethnic melodrama show, Taliu People, was staged at Yunnan Arts College on November 16 as an event to embrace the upcoming Asia Arts Festival on November 18.

Taliu People is a tributary group of Yi people mainly living in Taliu Mountain, Liude Lisu and Yi Town, Yongsheng County, Lijiang. About 142 kilometers from the county seat, the town has less than 5,000 Taliu people who call themselves Talusu.

Based on historical materials, there used to be more than 40,000 Taliu people. They boast their rich culture and flourishing economy. The existing stone tablets, castle relics and the Old Tea Horse Route are proofs of their original traditions and customs.

The show tells about the prosperity and decline of Taliu people in five chapters which introduce the people’s lives, the relationship of boys and girls, and their perseverance spirits. (Editor:Lynn)

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