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Asia Arts Festival volunteers: training for more smiles

By : InKunming | Published: 2013-November-4

Volunteers practice smile by griping a pen in each of their mouths. (Photo/ Meng Zhubin)

Volunteers try to get used to the standard sitting position. (Photo/ Meng Zhubin)

On November 3 , 132 volunteers from 5 colleges and the public officially started their training in Chenggong District of Kunming for the 13th Asia Arts Festival, which is to be held half a month later.

The volunteers are required to serve with high qualities. They have to pass the CET-4, a College English Test,or be qualified with art specialties.

According to Duan Fei, a local official, the recruit standard of this year's Asia Arts Festival is as high as the South Asia Expo. For Asia Arts Festival is an international grand gathering, its volunteer recruitment sets a high requirement on foreign language abilities. Most of the volunteers are provided with certificates in TEM 4 and TEM 8, and some of them are students of languages such as languages of Thailand and Myanmar.

"The volunteer recruitment also fits in with the theme of the arts festival. Applicants with art specialties enjoy a priority in being recruited." Duan said, "80 percent of the recruited volunteers have an experience of serving in the South Asia Expo, and many of them are experienced in volunteering in international events."

This year's Asia Arts Festival contains five segments and eight activities. The volunteers are going to render their services in receiving guests, conferencing services, guiding, interpreting, etc. After training, they will be allotted for different jobs. Besides, they are also required to learn about intercultural communication skills and emergency disposals.

During yesterday's training, volunteers practiced standard smile, sitting posture and standing position.

Griping a pen in each of their mouths, slightly bringing their chins up, and keeping their eyes looking ahead, volunteers practiced smile under the guidance of Ye, a training consultant. "It is a little tired. Practicing smile is as hard as study in the college. I have to practice more after going back home." a volunteer said.

In order to maintain a straight standing posture, volunteers have to put their feet together, with the standard of clamping a thin notebook between them.

Shi Hua, majoring in Thai language in Yunnan Nationalities University, said, "I have to pay more attention to practicing my postures, only after that can I deliver higher standard services to foreign guests and friends."

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