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Ruili with Myanmar expands lemon cultivating area

By : InKunming | Published: 2013-September-5

Ruili, which locates at the border between China and Myanmar in Yunnan province, has become an important export port for lemon products in China after 14 years' development. The city plans to expand its lemon cultivating area to one million mu with Myanmar's counterpart in following 10-15 years, news from Ruili government.

"The cultivating area of lemon products in Ruili city reaches 45,694 mu, producing 5,000 tons annually. Around half of the lemon output were exported to Russia, while the remaining volume were sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, etc," said by Ren Lepeng, director of Lemon Production Management Department of Ruili government.

Since June 2013, Ruili and Myanmar had signed a cooperation agreement on constructing modern agricultural demonstration area, which may cover a vast land crossing the border between China and Myanmar. "We have established a demonstration area of 200 mu until now, and will construct another 800 mu at the end of this year," Chen Peng, deputy manager of a lemon planting company said. "Hope the new broadened land within Myanmar may advance development of local villagers along with the prosperity of lemon industry."

Lands for cultivating lemon in China are limited. Most of lemons and their related products were imported from other countries. A data survey shows that quantity demand for lemon will reach 350,000 tons nationwide in 2015. The enormous demand will provide huge development space for lemon industry in Ruili.

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