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Valentine's Day of ethnic groups in Yunnan

By : InKunming | Published: 2012-August-1

Today, an increasing numer of Chinese young people are celebrating the western valentine's day on February 14. Actually, many ethnic groups in China have similar festivals, romantic and classic.

Va: Young men drop around girls' houses

Va people inhabit on Awa Mountain bordering China and Cambodian. Their Valentine's Day derives from their ancestors' primitive life. They celebrate some common festivals during which boys about 16 years old drop around girls'. Girls usually select one family and play with each other in one room. Young men drop in the house to have a date. Girls comb boys' hairs, chatting and observing to check their mutual affections. They show their favorable impressions to their loving people. If both love each other, the boy will give his girl a belonging as gift, such as a stone picked up in the mountains, a cluster of fruit, a piece of beewax or a parcel of fresh tea leaves. If the girl accepts his gift, they will date in the thick forest, back to back, listening to birds twitter or animals cry, which boding their relations. If the cry is ominous, they have to hurry to home. Their seniors will kill a rooster to divine to perdict by seeing signs. If the result is unlucky, they have to break up. If it is auspicious, they can determine their relations.

Dai: girls throw an embroidered ball to choose a husband

Most Dai people live in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan. Young people row dragon boats or make sand sculptures beside Langcang River on the Water Sprinkling Day (April 14 of the lunar calendar) . The "Valentine's Day" is the second day after the Water Sprinkling Day when boys and girls gather under a big banyan tree. They throw embroidered balls to their right person in heart. Before throwing, they usually show their attachments to each other euphemistically. If a boy throws a ball, girls who like him will scramble for the falling ball. When a girl throws, her would-be Mr. Right may rush to get the ball at the same time. Anyone who gets the ball may get an opportunity to be her boyfriend.

Bai: people sing love songs beside the Butterfly Spring

There is a beautiful spring, Butterfly Spring, under Yunnong Peak of Cangshan Mountain in Dali. April 25 of the lunar calendar is a dating day for Bai people. People gather here to sing their traditional ballads on that day. Anyone who is skilled at singing and dancing is the best choice on their valentine's day. Once his/her talents get favored by others, he/she may find a girlfriend/boyfriend at the special occasion.

Yi: people enjoy freedom to choose a life partner

Sani people, a branch of Yi ethnic group, live in Qiubei County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Sani people still keeps their tradition of choosing a life partner freely. A Flower House for the social relations of young people can be found in Sani people's village. On the courtyard of the special house, those in love dance to the melody of three-stringed instrument, hand in hand. Every movement, expression, or even some words are best ways to woo each other. If they find each other congenial after dancing and communicating, the girl will carry some woods in her new basket on the back to live for one day in the boy's. They return to the girl's home on the next day. The boy should carry some water and then do some labor work for her family. In this way, they can date in public.

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