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Next Destination in Yunnan: Gaoligong Mountain Range

By : WildChina | Published: 2012-June-19

WildChina has always had a knack for predicting the next hot destination in China–for better or for worse. We were the first to pioneer journeys to Yubeng village in Meili Snow Mountain in 1999 and among the first to bring international guests to Shaxi in 2002– and now the town is charging an entrance fee to walk in the village! We continue to explore, and our Founder Zhang Mei has spent a lot of time recently exploring and trekking in the Gaoligong Mountains. Are Gaoligong and Tengchong the next big thing? We asked Mei.

WildChina Travel: What’s special about Gaoligong?

Zhang Mei: It is a hidden treasure of Yunnan. Although Gaoligong was originally a nature preserve, it has recently been named a National Park. The location is unique–at a latitude of 24.57 degrees it’s not only quite far south, but also includes peaks with summits as high as 5,128 meters over a very skinny stretch of land. As you can imagine such sudden elevation creates incredible biodiversity. After only a short walk, one can start to see gibbons and flying squirrels. In addition, the rangers are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. This has been my best wilderness experience in China to date.

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