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Snapshot: a close look at peacocks in Yunnan

By : InKunming | Published: 2012-April-15

Photo shows a peacock in Kunming Zoo.

April is the best period to view the peacock for it is the Peacock’s courtship. A total of 200 peacocks and peahens have been raised in Kunming Zoo. The zoo intends to foster an atmosphere in which human beings and animal live in harmony in the nature. Protecting and taking good care of animals are a traditional virtue of Kunming residents.

Tropical weather and nature have nourished Dai ethnic group’s culture in Yunnan, especially in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. They share their land with creature, and the beauty of peacock inspires the Dai people who consider the peacock as a Goddess that bring them peace and happiness. They pray for peace and felicity with graceful peacock dancing.

It has a legend about the origin of the peacock dance. One day a thousand years ago, the father figure of Dai Minority saw a beautiful peacock dancing gracefully, and he could not help imitating it. From generation to generation, thousands of folk dancers made the “Peacock Dance” perfect continuously.

Address: Qingnian Road

Admission: RMB 10/one

Telephone: 0871-5155471/ 5154546

How to get there: Take the No. 4, 22, 59, 74, 83, 92, 100, 129 buses to Kunming Zoo. It costs 1 Yuan.

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