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Mountainous beauty found in Gaoligong Mountains

By : InKunming | Published: 2012-February-9
Photo shows the sun rising in the east, and the clouds are burnt into red in the Gaoligong Mountains, southwest China’s Yunnan province.

Situated on the China and Myanmar border, the Gaoligong Mountains are a mountainous area at the southern end of the Hengduan Mountain Range and located in the western Yunnan highlands. It is right along the west bank of the Nujiang valley from Gongshan down in to Dehong Prefecture.

"Gaoli" is a name of an ancient tribe in the forest, and "gong" means mountain. Mentioning Gaoligong Mountains, people often describe their tree-dimensional distributions of the climates with the following sentence "four seasons can be found in a mountain during a same period of a year; the weather is different from each other every ten miles." The summits of mountains are always surrounded by frogs, chilly. The hillside is always cool, and the bottom of the mountain is shinned fiercely by the sun all the year round. With the changeable climate, the plants and environments are diverse.

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