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Santa drops in to Wagga

By : The Daily Advertiser|Updated: 2011-11-18

SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN: Rhiannon Mackender, 3, and Sienna Mulkurti, 4, are excited to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus at the Marketplace last night.

HUNDREDS of kids and their parents lined the western end of the Marketplace and spilled onto Baylis Street waiting for the first glimpse of Santa Claus last night.

The shopping centre was filled with parents and children of all ages, all eager to spot Santa for the first time this Christmas season.

Some families had been at the centre waiting since school, preschool or day care ended, with the little ones taking part in Christmas activities and the parents waiting patiently to see the biggest smiles on their precious one's face.

Four-year-old Sienna Mulkurti, her friend Rhiannon Mackender, 3, had been playing in the Marketplace since 3pm, with their mothers watching on.

The group was waiting inside the doors near Just Cuts and the two girls were thrilled when Santa finally walked through about 6.30pm.

A super-excited Sienna had plans to whisper her Christmas list in Santa's ear, but was more than happy to share her wishes with The Daily Advertiser.

"I want a chocolate egg, a wedding dress, and a peppermint house," she said.

Before Santa made his grand appearance, the crowd was graced with the presence of a number of familiar Wagga faces, including DA Dog, Pete the Platypus, Max the Crow and the hilarious antics of the famous Bouncing Roos.

Photos with Santa can be taken from today, and right next to the jolly man is a new Christmas photo opportunity.

The giant Christmas snow dome allows families to gather in a life-sized dome complete with a traditional winter, sparkling, night-time landscape, Christmas tree, snow and presents.

Source: The Daily Advertiser