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Yunnan cartoonist wins 2 prizes in France

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-11-08

Li Kuwu, a Kunming cartoonist, signs for his books in Paris, France. [yunnan.cn]

Li Kunwu, a local in Kunming, was born in 1955. He had worked as a scout, an art editor of Spring City Evening News before. There was news in Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of China: “The life of a Chinese—From Xiao Li (young Li) to Lao Li (aged Li) is a cartoon trilogy which has recorded the life of a man and introduced the true China to foreigners.”

As his works, the wearing of Li is simple.

A conference on Chinese—French Culture was held in Beijing in October, 2005. Li was invited to attend. A cartoon publishing company was satisfied with Li’s works and invited Li to draw stories. So Li began his book “The life of a Chinese—From Xiao Li (young Li) to Lao Li (aged Li).

The Time of the Elder Generation, his first chapter in the trilogy, was published in French in May, 2009 and won good reputation among French readers. Published in 2010, the second chapter of the book, which was themed by Chinese style and humanities, was awarded two famous prizes in France which were regarded as the Oscar prize in cartoon. Thus, Li became the first Asian cartoonist who had won the two awards.

At present, his book was translated into French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian and Korean. Once a French reader came to Li from the suburban on special in France and told him that she loved his style, humorous and humane. Thus, she would like to buy her son one before her son went to study in China.

Li Kunwu: I hope that readers can get a good knowledge of true China through the three books.

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