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Yunnan’s Xinzhi Bookstore opened in Phnom Penh

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-11-04

Yunnan Xinzhi bookstore opens its first overseas branch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is the first international bookstore of Xinzhi.

"The business has been good since it was opened, which means our decision is right,"said Li Yong(李勇), chairman of the board in Xinzhi Group. He said that 600,000 Chinese residing in Cambodia now, which covering 3% of the total Cambodian population. Most Chinese live in Phnom Penh and the population exceeds 300,000. The demands of Chinese books are inevitably huge. "We open a Chinese bookstore in Phnom Penh, aiming at grasping the commercial opportunities and filling in the market gaps. This is the first step for Xinzhi Group to go global," said Li Yong.

The Xinzhi Chinese Bookstore(Phnom Penh) is located in the intersection of Mao Tsetung Boulevard and Kim Ilsung Boulevard, second subregion, Dong Kor District, Phnom Penh City. Covering a land of nearly 10,000 square meters, the nine-floor bookstore is next to the Phnom Penh University and Confusion College. More than 80,000 kinds of sports goods, phonotapes, videotapes and books covering sinology, social science, humanity etc are on sale here.

A Chinese social club in Phnom Penh will be established on the top floor of the bookstore building, providing a place for exchanges. Yunnan local special products such as Pu’er Tea are scheduled to be sold and a Chinese language training school will be opened here. Yi Yong said that more cultural exchanges, cultural training and agencies for overseas study between China and Cambodia will be sponsored by Ministry of Education, Department of Commerce and News Publication Board in Yunnan. (Editor:Lynn)

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