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Top five concerns for immigration in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-11-03

The immigration in Kunming shows a prospective future and most of them immigrate for the sake of children’s education.

About 14 percent of Chinese rich have either already migrated from China or have applied for migration. About 50 percent of the rich Chinese people, each of whom has a net asset of at least 60 million yuan ($9.44 million), said they intended to migrate from China, a report has found according to a white paper jointly released by Hurun Report and the Bank of China (BOC) on Saturday.

Li Ke (李科), a staff member in China Bank in Yunnan, introduced: “Compared with coastal cities in China, the emigration in Yunnan is still at the starting phrase. At present, the scale of emigration is small.” Top five concerns for immigration in Kunming are as follows: children’s education, pursuing higher-quality lives, more convenient trips, planning overseas investment and welfare.

“The number of applicants shows a growing tendency in Kunming, and the volume of business in our company increased 50% last year compared to that of two years ago,” said Xia Liman (夏莉熳), manager of consultant department in Sinoworld Immigration Service Co., Ltd. She said that the emigration market is gradually matured whose future development is optimistic.

Zou Ping (邹平), general manager of Henry Global Consulting Group in Kunming said: “The emigration was blooming last year. Among all the destinations in terms of investment immigration, the US and Canada always outstand all other options and the increase of the clients was above 50%.”

Why the rich so keen to immigrate? What has attracted them?

A client survey from Donsuns International Investment Consulting Co.,Ltd showed that the main attractions for immigration are education and investment.

“Children's education is also the top concern among 99% of our clients who want to immigrate,” said Zou Ping. The abundant educational resources and low costs for overseas education are attractive. “The educational costs in US and Canada are about 300,000 yuan annually. It costs more than 2 million yuan to study seven years from the senior high school, and the cost for immigration is about one million yuan,” said Zou. Besides, Zou introduced that a key reason for immigration is for the sake of their children's education abroad because most parents want to take care of their children who study abroad.

There are more than ten immigration companies in Kunming. Nearly eighty local clients immigrated successfully last year according to some immigration agencies. (Editor:Lynn)

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