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Kunming's AQ listed Top 10 in China

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-11-01

The air qualities of Kunming, Yuxi and Qujing are listed on the top ten cities in the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment quantitative evaluation in China. The air qualities in eleven cities out of sixteen have been improved markedly in Yunnan.

The densities of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in the air show a declining tendency in Yunnan and the frequency of acid rain also drops year by year.

The number of sewage treatment plants doubles this year compared with that of 2005. The processing rate of urban sewage increases to 70% this year from 39% in 2005. On the facet of pollution prevention and controlling in nine lakes, 20.413 billion yuan has been invested.

The percentage of forest cover reaches 53% in Yunnan and 1.4 million hectare slide areas have been under control. Four national ecological demonstration areas, 16 national ecological towns, 1 national ecological village and 188 provincial ecological towns have been built in Yunnan. (Editor:Lynn)

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