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Microblog accounts closed for spreading porn

By : Xinhua|Updated: 2011-11-01

BEIJING - Chinese authorities recently shut down 50 microblogs that were distributing pornography and vulgar content, said a government official Monday.

According to an unnamed official from the State Internet Information Office, the microblogs were shut down for violations that include carrying pornographic images and videos, information for prostitution, as well as illegal advertising for sex-related drugs and productions.

Chinese law prohibits all forms of pornography, prostitution and sex-related contents in public media and Internet services.

Members of the public reported the microblogs, which were then investigated and closed by authorities, the official said.

Official statistics released in June indicated that China has about 500 million internet users, including nearly 200 million microblog users.

The official said the spread of porn and vulgar material has been effectively contained since a crackdown on Internet- and cellphone-based pornography was launched in 2009.

Authorities will continue to take measures to cut down on new channels used for spreading pornography and vulgar material, the official said.