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Kunming encourages more Samaritans

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-11-01

Kunming residents signed their names on the "refusal of indifference" wall to show their determinations of helping others on Oct 29. [Photo/He Yucong]

An activity was held at Nanping Pedestrian Street in Kunming, advocating residents to stop coldness and give those who are in the need of help a hand. A great many to-be good Samaritans signed their names to show their determinations of inter-personal help.

In the activity, when the anchorman asked if the audiences would lend others a hand to those who need help. The audiences answered decidedly "Yes"!

Two cases about helping others have aroused the attention of the society.

"Peng Yu case"

Peng Yu in 2007 in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu province sparked nationwide concern after he helped a 65-year-old woman lying on the ground with a fracture. The woman accused Peng of hitting her. The case has indeed set a negative social example which prevents many people from helping others. The court first ruled Peng pay the woman 45,876 yuan ($7.192) in compensation, though neither side was found guilty of any wrongdoings. Peng later appealed to a higher court where the woman withdrew the charge and Peng paid her 10,000 yuan.

"Yue Yue case"

In this October, Yue Yue, a 2-year-old girl, was run over twice by a truck in Foshan, Guangdong province, and was ignored by at least 18 passers-by. Her death triggered a nationwide wave of mourning, as the incident has been closely followed by people who are concerned about a seemingly lack of morality in Chinese society. Yue Yue's case, which has aroused attention and heated discussions across the country, has become far more than a traffic accident.

Zhou Qinglin (周清林), whose son was dead owing to save a drowning girl, said that the behavior of helping others should be encouraged. He hoped to see more people show their loving hearts to others and the cold and unconcerned behaviors can be decreased in the society.

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