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256,66 million to be used for pollution controlling of Lugu Lake

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-31

A total of 256,66 million yuan will be invested for the pollution controlling of Lugu Lake, reporters learnt from a related meeting on October 30.

Located at the junction of Nilang Yi Autonomous County, Lijiang Prefecture, Yunnan and Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, Lugu Lake is regarded as "the eastern daughters' country". Residents who remain customs of matriarchal society live surrounding the lake. Lots of visitors are attracted by the beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains and cultures of Mosuo. A series of pollution controlling measures have been adopted for protecting the lake's ecological environment and cultures of Mosuo. The amount of the pollution in the lake has been reduced by at least 10%. At present, the water quality of Lugu Lake keeps at first class level. The depth of water transparency has reached about 10 meters.

With a large number of tourists coming , pollution controlling of Lugu Lake is much more difficult. The natural regeneration of the water is weaker. Once the water is polluted, the pollution will be hard to control. In recent years, the ecological environment has been destroying. Rubbishes from tourists have effected parts of the water body.

According to Li Jiheng(李纪恒), the acting governor of Yunnan Province, significance of the protection controlling for Lugu Lake should be highly regarded. The water quality should keep at first class level. Measures have been adopted to protect Lugu Lake, including: source-controlling, pollution-controlling, ecological repairing and low carbon-developing.

The strictest and most effective ways will be adopted for the pollution controlling of Lugu Lake in Lijiang, for making sure that the lake will be greatly benefit for people living at the river basin.(Editor:Tina He)

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