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Chinese version Steve Jobs: the Biography debuts in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-25

The Chinese language version of the authorized new biography Steve Jobs, about the co-founder of Apple Inc, are on sale at a bookstore in Kunming, Yunnan province on October 24, 2011. [yunnan.cn]

The biography of Steve Jobs was released Monday, at 10:05 am, in Kunming to pay tribute to the Apple Inc co-founder who died on October 5. More than 1000 Chinese copies of Jobs biography are on sale in many major bookstores in Kunming, such as Xinhua Bookstores.

Readers are keen to buy them, and many of them get to Xinhua Bookstore to wait on special trips. Besides, 100 commemorative cards will be issued for the releasing of the biography. T-shirts printed with Job’s head portrait will be presented as gifts in the first hour of the releasing. It is said that the books were delivered to Kunming on October 23.

Steve Jobs: the Biography, the only authorized biography for the former CEO of Apple Inc, was written by famous Pulitzer Prize nominee Walter Isaacson.

Two years ago, Mrs. Jobs called Isaacson for writing. Isaacson had met Jobs for more than forty times. Isaacson has visited more than a hundred of Jobs' relatives, as well as his friends and rivals in business circles. Though some words indeed enraged Jobs, he never intervened in Isaacson's work or demand to read the whole book before it was published. He finished the book in the last days of Jobs, but he would never image that a life would decease so quickly. When he knew his left, he added some contents about Job’s life in the last time. For those who are keen for Jobs, these contents are very precious. (Editor:Lynn)