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Ministry of Culture supports cultural development in Yunnan

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-25

China’s Ministry of Culture has signed an agreement on cultural construction with Yunnan Provincial Government recently. The ministry will help the province develop culture industry.

According to the general of the Culture Department of Yunnan Province, Huang Jun (黄峻), the ministry will help 10 projects’ development in Yunnan, including: Southwestern International Ethnic Groups Culture & Art Exchange Center, Southeast & South Asia Archaeological Research and Cultural relics Base, China-ASEAN Digital Culture Network Base, Southeast & South Asia National folk Art Expo, Great Mekong Sub-regional Cultural Products Expo, Kunming Ethnic Groups Cultural Industry Park and Culture Corridor forTibetan and Qiang people.

The construction of 2 museums will be promoted, including: the new hall of Yunnan Provincial Museum and World War II museum in Western Yunnan. Cultural heritages of ethnic groups will be protected.

The Hani terraced fields in Honghe and Pu’er Jingmaishan Tea Park will apply for the world cultural heritage. Some cultural routes will be protected, such as: the railway between Yunnan and Vietnam and “Tea Horse Road”.

Education agencies and bases will be constructed. Cultural and art cultivation opening to Southeast and South Asia will be held regularly.

Exchange center of Chinese culture will be established at the frontier ports of Yunnan. Friendship squares will be built at the border.

Libraries, cultural center and museums will be improved in prefectures of Yunnan.

The development of Yunnan ethnic groups’ key projects will be supported, especially intangible cultural heritages.

International cultural and art human resource centers will be established in Yunnan, for cultivating the related talented persons.

Export cultural sources will be summed and listed in to-foreign cultural trade source repositories. Cultural enterprises, products and services will step abroad. Yunnan will enlarge international cultural markets.

Huang said, “The cooperation between Ministry of Culture and Yunnan Provincial Government will go down in history of cultural development in Yunnan. It will do help the development of the ethnic groups cultures.” (Editor:Tina He)

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