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Yunnan builds Asia's largest Huanglong jade trade center

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-25

The local government of Yunnan has carried out related plans to boost Huanglong jade an advantageous industry in Yunnan.

A public trading center for Huanglong Jade was opened in Longling County, Baoshan city of Yunnan province, which will also be the largest trading center for the source of raw jade in Asia.

Located at 320 State Road near the county vocational school, the new trading center becomes a unique landmark of Longling, including halls for gambling on stones, auction houses, Huanglong jade processing zone and museums.

A jade carving contest along with the new center was held and the winning works were revealed from October 23rd to 25th. Meanwhile, the 11th Huanglong Jade Trading Fair was held Saturday there and the bid opening will be held on October 25th.

Huanglong jade, first discovered in Supa River in 2004, is a high-quality mineral enjoying equal popularity with Hetian jade and emeralds in China. The principal color of the stone is yellow with red, bluish white, black and other traces. It is also one of the popular stone for collection and its prices have jumped rapidly in the past five years as its popularity with collectors grew.

In Yunnan, Huanglong jade mines are mainly located in Xiaoheishan and the Supa River area in Longling. Its reserves are put at 420,000 tons. The distribution area of high-quality Huanglong jade ore in Xiaoheishan is about 2 square kilometers while the whole mine area is almost 40 square kilometers, China Daily reported.  (Editor:Ryan Li)