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Residents need to apply before freeing captive animals into Dianchi Lake

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-24

A fine of RMB 10000 may be imposed on people who free captive animals into the Dianchi Lake without application, according to Dianchi Lake Administration in Kunming.

According to the Fishery Regulations in Yunnan Province, it is banned to free the hybrid and transgenic species into Dianchi Lake. Besides, it is also prohibited to free captive animals into the protective areas of the aquatic species or outside the water reserves of aquatic species. Penalty no more than 10000 yuan will be imposed if one breaks the rules.

The organizers of freeing captive animals should apply for the activity to the law enforcement management department of Dianchi Lake by written application three days before the freeing. Only when the application is allowed, can the animals be freed in the appointed places by the supervisions of relevant officials.

It is ruled in the fishery regulations that the certificates of quarantine inspection of lives to be freed and certificates of disinfection of means of delivery should be provided to prevent the pestilences from encroachment and transmission to other fish living in the lake. (Editor:Lynn)

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