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By : 英语点津|Updated: 2011-10-21

LOHAS is the acronym of "Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability", referring to a group of people who are optimistic, understanding, caring about environment and health, and doing good and as well as feeling good. This concept originated in Britain in the middle of last century.


乐活族(LOHAS)是Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability(健康及可持续的生活方式)的缩写形式,指的是一群乐观、善解人意、关爱环境和健康,行善并且以其为乐的人。这个概念在上世纪中叶的时候源于英国。

Commercially, LOHAS describes an integrated, rapidly growing market for goods and services that appeal to consumers who value health, the environment, social justice, personal development, and sustainable living.


Beyond the categorization of consumers, the LOHAS "concept" is further divided into five sectors that represent the market within which products fall. They include: Sustainable Economy, Healthy Living, Alternative and Complementary Healthcare, Personal Development, and Eco-friendly Living