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Kunming aims at flora trump card

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-11

Qiu He, Party Secretary of Kunming investigated the planting bases of poplar in Jinning County and said that Kunming aims at a flora trump card. The best nursery stock bases in Yunnan are expected to be built in Kunming within 3 years to achieve the export of commercial productionization.

At present, three varieties of trees, namely, evergreen poplar (P.Canadensis), eastern cottonwood and Hongye poplar have been cultivated with nearly 1.2 million roots in five planting bases in Jinning County, covering an area of 17,500 mu. In 2010, 185,000 mu nursery stocks have been planted with an output value of 1.1 billion yuan.

Qiu He said that as a sunrise industry, seedling industry is characterized by low investment, low input, but high output and high return. Kunming, enjoying the exceptional advantage of climate, is one of the most suitable places for the development of seedling industry.

He said that over 300,000 mu planting areas with the annual output value of more than 180,000 yuan will be established in Kunming by 2015. The support of science should be strengthened. The cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes is expected to develop, aiming at the researching development of technologies of seedling planting and management. Besides, investment attraction should be enhanced. (Editor:Lynn)

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