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Atthawit: I was deeply attracted by Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-10-01

"I was deeply attracted by the city of Kunming." Atthawit, a Thai-language teacher from Yunnan Nationalities University said. He came to Kunming about one month ago.

Atthawit came from Surat Thani in south Thailand. Inkunming reporter has interviewed him on September 29.

InKunming: Could you please tell me a little bit about your current job?? How do you think of your students?

Atthawit: I teach Thai language for sophomore here and Thai literature. My students already have a good foundation in Thai. So, teaching is very easy for me. I think the Chinese students are quite diligent and have great respect for their teachers. Besides, I don’t speak Chinese, my students always accompany me.

InKunming: What is your feeling of living in Kunming?

Atthawit: Firstly, the climate of Kunming is very good and I like it. The weather of Kunming is cooler than Thailand. You know, the temperature is about 23-24 degrees which is usually the coldest time in Thailand. Secondly, there are too many cars in the city compared to my home town. In Thailand, only Bangkok got a lot of cars.

InKunming: Are you used to the food here?

Atthawit: I'm not used to most local foods when I first arrived in Kunming. There is too much edible oil in dishes. Usually, I like spicy and tart foods. But now, I have been adapting some local dishes. And Dai dishes are my favorite.

InKunming: What is your favorite place in Kunming?

Atthawit: Cuihu Lake and Yuantong Temple.

InKunming: Kunming is branding itself to be a regional international city, what do you think of Kunming should do to improve itself?

Atthawit: I think Kunming should have more English signs to bus stations or stops, especially to some of the busy ones. Many bus stops lack English descriptions of the routes.(Reporter:Ryan Li, editor:Minnie Mao)