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Kunming wins information technology development award

By : Inkunming|Updated: 2011-09-29

Organized by the China Information Association, "2011China City Information Development Forum “was held in Beijing on September 24th, The “Smart Kunming” project which was operated by Kunming Industry and Information Technology Commission won the progress award of 2011 China city information technology development.

"Smart City" is a brand new existing form for cities in the information ears. It is the advanced stage of urban information, synthesizing the full range internet access, highly intelligent application and popularization.With the purpose of cities’ management innovation, it is capable of a strong data-handling capacity based on the high-speed internet access so that promotes the efficiency of city the public service abilities and high industry of the city.

Compared with the old city managing form, "Smart City" combines verities of separated information system into a unit. It captures the useful information in the maximum range, advantages people’s corporation and sharing, encourages people’s innovation and benefit for the city citizens consequently. (Reportor:Simon zhang, editor:Minnie Mao)