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A glimpse of restaurants & bars in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-09-29

Photo shows the steam-boil chicken in Yunnan. [File Photo]

Kunming is not only a center of politics, economic and culture in Yunnan, but also a metropolis centralizing on a variety of food and recreation. Delicacies from prefectures (cities) in Yunnan, flavors of more than twenty ethnic groups, and good food outlets from all over the world prepare their unique dishes in Kunming.

If a special trip is designed in the theme of delicious food, you had better locate the place that suits you most based on your preference. The consumption ranging from fifty yuan to over one thousand yuan can offer you different choice as you please.

A food recommendation based on the style of the food and the consumption amount is made as follows:

Exotic food: these restaurants centralize around commercial centers, Green Lake Park, MacDonald, Pizza Hot, KFC and Dicos etc. Foreign restaurants, such as Banana Leaf, Rain Drop Café, Salvador, Papa Johns etc are relaxing places to eat global food.

Sea Food: though Kunming lies on plateau, nice sea food can be tasted here. Sea food restaurants near Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center, Green Lake Park, Tongren Street and Dianchi Road will never regret you.

Food from other province in China: food from Sichuan Province, Hunan Prvince, and Guizhou Province can provide you with unique food in Kunming.

Food with Yunnan Flavor: if you are in Kunming, food of Yunnan will impress you, such as the steam-boil chicken, mushroom hot pot, Dali food, Tibetan food and Dai flavor food.


If you prefer a quite place, you can enjoy a spa. An average cost of 100 yuan covers meals, fitness keeping, reading, TV watching, film watching, massage, nail art and aromatherapy etc.

Besides, you can spend your night in bars near Kundu and Jinmafang. Bars on Wenlin Street, Jiaoling Street and Taoyuan Streert are in unique style and decoration. Though the areas are not big, young people gathered here for fun. If you like travelling, you can meet your like-minded people at Hump.

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