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Facinating Shiban River Scenic Spot in Xundian

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-09-29

Photo shows the quadrangle courtyards in Shibaohe Scenic Spot which lies in Qixing Township, Xundian County, Kunming, Yunnan. [Photo/ Hong Yiwen]

The National Day holidays are coming. There is a buzz of where to go for the vacation. The verdant and peaceful forestry resort is a nice choice to enjoy life. The quadrangle courtyards in Shiban River Scenic Spot will be opened for business, so, let's go!

What you need to do here is to wake up in birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers on an autumn morning. Standing on the terrace outside your room, you can look far into the waterfalls well-proportioned. After breakfast, stepping into the green hills can really help relax.

Network covers each room in the quadrangle courtyard, so the guests can surf the Internet without stepping out of the room. The unique building complexes are designed at the foot of the mountain. It is a picturesque zone with temperate climate, green hills, clear water and modern style of decoration.

The cicada is whispering. White egrets and wild ducks came flapping over the water sometimes.

After the tourism, travelers can taste the delicious foods of Miao ethnic group, such as natural dish and rice wine.

At night, travelers can dance with the girls and boys of Miao people around campfire. This is a good place for barbecue with native chicken, goose and black goat.


Services including accommodation and recreation will be launched during the National Day holidays at the price of 280yuan per one.


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