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Enjoy your National Day Holidays in Kunming parks

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-09-27

As the National Day Holidays (October 1 to October 7) approaches, eleven parks in Kunming have been designed for the celebration of the holiday.

1. Daguan Park: Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The 17th Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Daguan Park is planned from September 29 to October 31. Nineteen sets of chrysanthemums creating sceneries will be exhibited in different themes.

How to get there: Take the No. 100, 104, 124, 131, 183, 22, 4, 52, 95 buses to Daguan Park. It costs 1 Yuan.

2. Golden Temple Park: Flower Exhibition

A great many of flowers have been cultivated in the green houses, which have decorated the park into a colorful world. Besides, bronze cultural exhibition, snacks, folk songs and dances will provide you a perfect place for the holidays.

How to get there: Take the No. 10, 76, 147 buses to Golden Temple Park. It costs 1 Yuan.

3. Kunming Zoo:Bamboo Partridge Show

More than twenty bamboo partridges have been imported to Kunming Zoo and you can enjoy performances such as songs, dances and acrobatics. Milk drinking competition and donation of kid’s toys to the poverty-stricken areas will be held.

How to get there: Take the No. 4, 22, 59, 74, 83, 92, 100, 129 buses to Kunming Zoo. It costs 1 Yuan.

4. Jiaoye Park : Competition of Singing Huadeng

Completion of singing Huadeng (Kunming local opera) will be launched. Five hundred yuan cash and a certificate will be awarded to the group who wins the first prize. Individual of the first prize will win 200 yuan cash and a certificate.

How to get there: Take the No. C61, C62, C63 buses to Jiaoye Park. It costs 1Yuan.

5. Xihua Park: Earthquake Knowledge Exhibition

Quakeproof and earthquake knowledge will be promoted to teach you how to save yourself and save others in an earthquake.

How to get there: Take the No. 62 buses to Xihua Park. It costs 1 Yuan.

6. Heilongtang Park: Memorial Trees Planting

You can plant trees by yourself with a label of your names on it. Besides, a snack street based on Yunnan snacks will be arranged to satisfy your tastes of Yunnan food while enjoying the nice scenery.

How to get there: Take the No. 128, 159, 79, 9 buses to Heilongtang Park. It costs 1Yuan.

7. Cuihu Park (Green Lake Park): Red Songs Singing

Red songs will be sung to mark this year's 90th anniversary of the Communist party's birth and celebrate China’s National Day.

How to get there: Take the No. 1, 101 buses to Cuihu Park (Green Lake Park). It costs 1 Yuan.

8. Tanhua Temple Park: Historical Pictures Exhibition

Historical pictures and calligraphic works of Zhu De, a militarist and politician in China, will be shown to you. Sixty-two potted landscapes in different shapes will be exhibited.

How to get there: Take the No. 132, 145 buses to Tanhua Temple Park. It costs 1Yuan.

9. Xishan Forest Park: Hiking

Hiking to Xishan (Western Mountain) and have a bird-view of the downtown of Kunming, a wonderful idea, go!

How to get there: Takethe No. 51, 6 buses to Xishan Forest Park. It costs 1Yuan.

10. Yunnan Nationalities Village: Performances of Yunnan Ethnic Groups

Performances of Lisu and Hani will be staged. Activities of the special ethnic style will be launched.

How to get there: Takethe No. A1, A4, A9, 24, 44 buses to Yunnan Nationalities Village. It costs 1 Yuan.

11. Xiyou Cave Scenic Spot: Magnificent Stones

You will never regret for the magnificent stones in the cave.

Xiyou Cave Scenic Spot is a location for the shooting of the TV play Journey to the West which is adapted by the novel of the same name. In English-speaking countries, the tale is also often known simply as Monkey.

How to get there: Takethe No. C10 buses to Xiyou Cave Scenic Spot. It costs 1Yuan.


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