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More funds to help Derung ethnic minority in Yunnan

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-09-19

Shanghai ethnic affairs committee has allocated a total of 31.015 million yuan to speed up development of Derung ethnic minority in Yunnan.

A plan aiming to help Derung people to achieve advancing by leaps and bounds was launched in Jan 2010. According to the plan, more than 1 billion yuan will be invested to complete construction on 6 projects, covering infrastructure, industries development and so on.

The ethnic affairs committee of Yunnan has already allocated 18 million yuan for housing construction at 6 Derung villages. For now, most of residents have moved into their new homes.

Moreover, the committee of Shanghai also plans to invest over 11 million to build “characteristic villages” in 5 Derung villages, which will promote its minority cultural tourism.

To date, Derung's population might have 6000-7000, which live mainly in Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province. They are still living a primitive life, for the special natural conditions and the social histories. (Editor:Ryan Li)