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Royal roses unveiled at Kunming Agriculture Expo

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-09-08

A visitor photos a variety of flowers on the 7th Kunming Pan-Asian International Agriculture Expo in Kunming, Sep 6, 2011. [Photo/Hu Guangyao]

Flowers, fruits and delicious foods have attracted numerous people to negotiate during the 7th Kunming Pan-Asian International Agriculture Expo.

The expo presents a visual feast of flowers for visitors, such as: hyacinth seeds, rose balls, carnations, phalaenopsis and a variety of flowers. The exciting thing is that more than 20 different varieties of royal roses (over 1000 ) have arrived in Kunming from Ecuador.

Royal roses are famous for their huge flowering stalk, bright colors and a long flowering season.

Not just a feast for the eyes by flowers, Taiwanese cuisine is also favored by people. Fried chicken, cherry sauce and others attracted many visitors. A 60-year-old visitor said that more people have visited the expo this year than last year. She bought a lot of things although some commodity prices have been increased.

Tips:The 7th Kunming Pan-Asian International Agriculture Expo was held Monday at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center and until to Sep 9th.

Open: from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Ticket price: RMB 2 yuan per person.

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