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Horse caravan culture preserved in caravansary

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-09-08

Photo shows a map of the Tea Horse Road (Chamagudao) painted with stirrup on wall at Yunnan Courier Station, Xiangyun County, Yunnan.

Located in the southeast of Xiangyun County, Yunnan Courier Station is the earliest encampment of Xiangyun County.

Account room, barn, guest room and tea house, these are original preservations of a caravansary over a hundred years ago. Native articles for horse caravans such as saddle, stirrup, house tire, goods and tools are displayed here. Roads paved by flagstones have been polished with hundreds years of walking of traders and horses. With the architecture style of a caravansary with one window and one house, the old houses join one by one. Once see, you will aware that it used to be a business prosperity area in the early years. You can experience vicissitudes of life and the sense of history.

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