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Group bathing picture sparks strong reaction

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-08-30

A photo named "group bathing in Nujiang" posted on Sina microblog get over 100 comments and is reprinted for nearly 300 times in a day.

A photo named "group bathing in Nujiang" posted on Sina microblog has got over 100 comments and been reprinted for nearly 300 times in a day.

The photo shows that several women are taking bath in an open pool. Some wear only tops and some are even naked. Most of the bystanders are men. One of the men holds a red flag, some others are even taking pictures on the bathing women. The picture is originally uploaded to the official microblog of the Tourist Bureau of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. According to the bureau, "group bathing” is Lisu people’s traditional custom handed down for over a hundred years. Bystanders have increased along with the development of tourism there.

The photo has sparked a strong reaction from nitizens:

XingzouzaiYunnan (行走在云南) said, "Ethnic groups live simple lives. Men and women take bath together there. Photographers have broken this ‘simplicity’."

Meizixin (梅子歆)said, "Visitors should only watch, not take pictures." Travelers should respect local residents.

Kongshanxinjing (空山心静) said, the photographers should be disdained.

Some nitizens said that the photographers were immoral.

Every winter, local residents come to hot springs to take baths together. The moderator of the official microblog said, "Photographers should have principles of morals and respect photographed people." Tourists and photographers should respect ethnic groups and their privacies.

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