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Guide to food markets in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-08-04

  • Wuhua District

Zhuanxin Food Market (篆新农贸市场)
Location: News Road(新闻路)

Zhuanxin Food Market is the largest food market in Kunming. The market has wide varieties of foods. Different kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, dried vegetables, spices and snacks can be found here. For the convenient location, many food retailers in Zhuanxin are also the wholesalers. The busy Zhuanxin even causes traffic jam of News Road on each holiday or festival. 

  • Panlong District

Jiangdong Standardization Food Market (JSFM) (江东标准化农贸市场) and Luozhang Food Market (LFM) (罗丈农贸市场)
Location: near the area of Jiangdong Garden(江东花园)

Jiangdong Standardization Food Market has a lot of buyers for its location is near the area of Jiangdong Garden. The food price in JSFM is a little higher than other food markets. Sometimes, people would choose Luozhang Food Market to buy foods because of cheaper price. It will take 30 minutes on foot from JSFM to LFM.

Xianyouduo Standardization Food Market(鲜又多标准化农贸市场)
Location: near the North Railway Station (火车北站)

With clear ground, fresh air and little noise, Xianyouduo Standardization Food Market has a good surrounding for shopping.  

  • Xishan District

Sijixian Starred Food Market(四季鲜星级农贸市场)
Location: in the area of Sunny Garden(阳光花园)

Sijixian Starred Food Market is the first starred food market in Kunming. The market has attracted not only the buyers nearby but also the buyers of car drivers from the distant residential zones. The market is different from the traditional market. It covers an area of 5000 square meters. About 400 booths are distributed orderly in the market. The market has two floors; each part of every floor has its functional unit. 

  • Guandu District

Hepingcun Seafood Comprehensive Market (和平村海鲜综合市场)
Location: in the area of Tangzi Lane (塘子巷)

Hepingcun Seafood Comprehensive Market has three floors. It is very convenient for buyers to choose foods because the three floors are all connected with electrical elevator. The first floor is for seafood, the second is for meats, salted foods and spices, and the third is for green foods.

(Reporter:Cheng Chunyuan, editor:Minnie Mao)