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Wedding banquets hardly fit budgets in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-08-03

With the rising costs for a wedding ceremony, the money as gifts still remains the standards years ago. Many would-be couples concern about the deficit in a wedding in Kunming.

"I was shocked by the wedding expenses. The money as the gifts doesn’t rise, I’m wondering if I will be in deficit after wedding," said a would-be bride Yang. In addition to the difficulty in reservation, she thought that costs had increased sharply. "A wedding used to be profitable, but the profits are no as high as that of the past," said she.

An investigation has showed that prices for the wedding banquets are 50% more than that of 4 years ago and costs of the scheme of the weeding ceremony have grown in different ranges.

Yang introduced that one of her friends married in 2007 and held their wedding ceremony in a four-star hotel with the cost of 568 Yuan for a table of 10 people. With a total 30 tables, her friend paid for 17,000 Yuan. The decorations of festooned vehicle and the wedding venue cost 1500 Yuan and each guest gave them 100 Yuan to 200 Yuan as gifts, amounting to around 50,000 Yuan. After the wedding, her friend gained the net earning of over 20,000 Yuan.

"The present price has been 900 Yuan a table, and the expense on wedding service agencies is over 10,000 Yuan. However, most of my friends and colleagues still get used to giving 100 Yuan to 200 Yuan as gifts. I think we can hardly earn money from it," said Yang.

Referencing the wedding expenses in July 2007, reporters have investigated several popular wedding hotels in Kunming, founding that the increase in these years is sharp. Southeast Asia-style hotels are comparatively economical with the starting price of 388 Yuan a table in 2007. A supervisor, Liu, in a Southeast Asia-style hotel said that the prices rang from 588 Yuan to 1888 Yuan a table. "Most of our clients prefer 788 Yuan a table and 888 Yuan a table," said Liu.

A staff member at Taili International Hotel said: "The rising prices bring them pressure as well, compared with last year, and the price has increased from dozens of Yuan to over hundreds of Yuan."

"Almost everyday, new couples come to ask for wedding ceremony, and the reservation each month is about 30. The reservation in the next half year is full," introduced Wang, a manager in a wedding ceremony in Kunming. As the whole wedding market in Kunming is very prosperous, orders placed this year are much more than last year, however, costs are increasing as well.

The rising prices of flowers and labor costs are main reasons for the increasing prices of a wedding, but the price of car rental is stable as that of last year.

"One has to pay for what he gains in his wedding sooner or later," said a would-be bridegroom, who is very calm towards the rising wedding costs. He thought that a wedding was the witness of two’s happiness, and would-be couples should not always think about making money from a wedding ceremony.

Jiang, most of whose friends plan to hold their wedding ceremony said she earned over 30,000 Yuan several years ago when getting married, and she spent her honeymoon in Koh Samui. The average amount of money for gifts was 100 Yuan to 200 Yuan at that time, and the gift for a high-class banquet was over 600 Yuan. They are increasing the money as gifts now. "At present, if you don’t attend the wedding yourself, you are supposed to give the new couples 200 Yuan as gifts, but if you appear on the weeding, 300 Yuan will be more acceptable," said Jiang.

A couple had just registered their marriage. They prepared a wedding trip, instead of a wedding banquet. "We feel tired when think about the wedding banquet, wedding limousine and wedding ceremony planning. Both of us are busy at work, and the CPI of a wedding is so high that we can hardly make any money. We prefer to devote more time and energy to travel abroad," said the couple.


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